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køer bag elephant elhegn
Elephant – the electric fence with the best vegetation killing effect

The Elephant electric fence is still in a league of its own.

According to EU law, an electric fence cannot have an output power of more than 5 joules at 500 ohms. After 1 September 2010, however, this will be 5 joules at 50 ohms. All electric fences work by charging a capacitor after which all the energy is released on to the fence. All of this happens in less than one second!


According to the above rules and principles for electric fences, all electric fences with the same technical characteristics will consequently be 100 per cent identical!

That is not so. You will still clearly benefit from choosing a professional Elephant electric fence for enclosing your animals. If you wish to make sure that you have the electric fence with the best vegetation killing effect, you should choose an Elephant electric fence. The hallmark of the professional and thus most powerful electric fences has always been – and still is – the unique vegetation killing effect featured by the M40, the M65, the M85, and the M115 electric fences, among others.

Part of the secret is the powerful impulse transformer, which has been tested at short circuit voltages of up to 30,000 volts for more than 10 seconds, and the modern electronic circuits that release the energy on to the fence instead of the energy being wasted by way of heat loss inside the electric fence. Likewise, the pulse amplifier circuit helps to obtain the necessary effect in order to keep the animals fenced in times of drought

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We are experts in the field of electric fences. The Elephant Electric Fence has been in production since 1967, the major breakthrough coming in the early 1960s when Ingeniørfirmaet Grand changed the name from Grandessa to Elephant and at the same time launched a better electric fence with sets of contacts, the well-known round fence (V12).


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