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3 års garanti


Terms of the warranty issued by KOHSEL ELEPHANT.

We provide a three-year warranty on all our products




As an ISO 9001-certified company, quality is a keyword in the manufacture of Elephant electric fences. From January 2008 we have increased the warranty period to three years on all of our electric fence products… Look our for our warranty label.

A three-year warranty is a clear indication that we are 100% confident of the quality of Elephant electric fences.

An electric fence manufactured by Kohsel passes through several quality controls before it is packed and ready for sale. The transformers in the most powerful electric fences are tested with a minimum of 25,000 volts, which means that they can withstand and survive “small” lightening strikes to the enclosure.

Finally, all Elephant electric fences are subjected to a 24-hour test, with and without loading, to make sure that you the consumer receive a top-class product.


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To obtain the maximum benefit from your Elephant Electric Fence for as many years as possible, it is important that you give the product the best possible operating conditions.


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