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Elephant – the electric fence with the best effect

køer bag elephant elhegn
Elephant – the electric fence with the best vegetation killing effect

The Elephant electric fence is still in a league of its own.

According to EU law, an electric fence cannot have an output power of more than 5 joules at 500 ohms. After 1 September 2010, however, this will be 5 joules at 50 ohms. All electric fences work by charging a capacitor after which all the energy is released on to the fence. All of this happens in less than one second!


2015 / 2016 Brochure

Elephant brochurer
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Lightning protection for electric fences

Elektronisk lynbeskyttelseElectronic or mechanical lightning protection

Have you too seen your animals escaping from your enclosure because your electric fence has been destroyed by one of the many lightning strikes that we experience every year during thunderstorms? If so, you no doubt also found out that this is one of those experiences that you would rather avoid in future.

Alarm system

AlarmsystemSimple, effective monitoring and alarm protection of enclosures to guarantee that your animals do not escape or to protect areas where you do not want unwanted visitors.

The alarm system is a simple, cheap and particularly effective way of raising an alarm/message. It is designed to work together with an Elephant electric fence to monitor the voltage in each individual enclosure or area and to raise an alarm if the voltage falls below 2,000 volts.

Legislative change concerning the most powerful electric fen


Because of the new EU legal requirements which will come into force on 1 September 2010, the M115 electric fence will be replaced by the M85.





3 års garanti


Terms of the warranty issued by KOHSEL ELEPHANT.

We provide a three-year warranty on all our products



Heliopan – 100% Solar Power



Heliopan – 100% Solar Power

Powerful solar cell-powered electric fence that works all year round.
Ready to use as soon as unpacked.

Experts in the field of electric fences


We are experts in the field of electric fences. The Elephant Electric Fence has been in production since 1967, the major breakthrough coming in the early 1960s when Ingeniørfirmaet Grand changed the name from Grandessa to Elephant and at the same time launched a better electric fence with sets of contacts, the well-known round fence (V12).

A snail-free area

Gå væk snegl!

Put killer snails to flight, keep pine martens out of your attic or stop the neighbour’s cat from calling by uninvited, in an environment-friendly way and with the extra bonus into the bargain that the snail strip is effective as soon as you set it up.

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To obtain the maximum benefit from your Elephant Electric Fence for as many years as possible, it is important that you give the product the best possible operating conditions.


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