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We do of course repair all electric fences currently being sold.




Spareparts 2009


Type Last produced
Can be repaired To be replaced with
V12 1981 Nej M15 / M40
V13 1968 Nej M15 / M40
TV10 1976 Nej M1 / M2
TV13 1974 Nej M15 / M40
B2 1982 Nej P1 / P3
A1 1982 Nej A25
A1-D 1989 Nej A25
TV18 1982 Nej M65
TV18X 1988 Nej M65
TV15 1982 Nej M40
TV15X 1988 Nej M40
TV11 1990 Nej M1 / M2
TV17 1990 Nej M15
B3 1990 Nej P1 / P3
A20 1997 Ja A25
M30 1997 Ja M40
M45 1997 Ja M65
M90 1997 Ja M115
M90-D 1997 Ja M115-D
M35 2000 Ja M40
M60 2000 Ja M65
M105 2000 Ja M115
M105-D 2000 Ja M115-D
M110 2000 Ja M115
M110-D 2000 Ja M115-D


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We are experts in the field of electric fences. The Elephant Electric Fence has been in production since 1967, the major breakthrough coming in the early 1960s when Ingeniørfirmaet Grand changed the name from Grandessa to Elephant and at the same time launched a better electric fence with sets of contacts, the well-known round fence (V12).


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